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​Our core business

+221 33 889 15 15


SOS Médecin Sénégal is an association of experienced liberal doctors in general medicine, pediatrics, ENT, cardiology, pulmonology, neurology and traumatology. They follow a continuous training which gives them a high level of competence.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long, including non-working days, They ensure the permanence of the care following the request of the patients, the treating doctors, the insurance companies and the hospitals, etc

Interventions by doctors

The doctors have several white and yellow vehicles marked with the logo of SOS Médecin Sénégal, with drivers trained in emergency procedures.

Each vehicle is equipped with:

  • Consultation bag (pulse oximeter, electronic dynamap, glucometer, thermoflash, otoscope, reflex hammer, etc.)

  • Emergency bag (infusion set, intubation kit, nebulizer kit, etc.)

  • Oral medication kit

  • Electrocardiogram

  • Semi-automatic defibrillator (DSA)

  • Oxygen shell


+221 33 889 15 15

Our medical regulatory assistants benefit from continuous training in taking calls and processing medical information.

We acquired a new call management and location-based computer system that locates and directs physicians to visits based on their proximity and level of urgency.


One emergency number:
33 889 15 15

In order to satisfy your request for a home visit, we invite you before joining our call center and the arrival of the doctor to prepare

the following information :

  • Your landline and mobile number

  • The identity of the patient and the person calling

  • Your complete address (street, building number, floor and landing, apartment number, etc.), specifying geographical details to facilitate the arrival of the doctor

  • Reason for appeal


the following documents :

  • The health book

  • Your old prescriptions possibly

  • The forms of guarantee letters and care sheets CFE, CERFA, etc.


Minor children

Except in exceptional cases of emergency, if the patient is a minor, the presence of a person of full age or of his legal representative is desirable.


For reasons of hygiene and safety, it would be better to keep your pets away from the consultation room.

Stay at home and reachable on the phone


If your condition worsens before the arrival of the doctor, do not hesitate to call +221 33 889 15 15 to inform us of this aggravation. In case of a serious emergency, we will send you one of our resuscitation ambulances.

We do our best to give you the most reliable wait times possible to avoid a long wait.

The response time of our doctors is particularly dependent on the number of requests for visits, road traffic and the level of urgency.

The most urgent visits are made in priority.

80 %

of home visits concern general medicine

20 %

of home visits are about the intensive care emergencies

Types of pathologies encountered in general practice

  • 21,8 % : Cardiology

  • 20,0 % : Pediatrics

  • 15,0 % : Enteric Gastro

  • 15,0 % : Neurology

  • 07,6 % : ENT and stomatology

  • 20,6 % : Others

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